David J. Cislowski, MD

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Since 1982, Dr. David J. Cislowski, known by his friends and patients as “Dr. C.,” has helped thousands of your Visalia, CA friends and neighbors protect one of their most amazing organs – the human heart.

Welcome to Dr. David Cislowski’s Healthy Heart wellness program – a program that’s completely dedicated to helping you avoid heart disease and reduce the risk factors in your life that can lead to heart health problems. Dr. C. is a board-certified cardiologist doctor whose practice is located in Visalia, CA.

In addition to his heart health program, which includes a series of clinically proven preventive steps, Dr. C. cares for patients who already have heart health issues. His Healing Heart programs are designed to provide highly personalized care and leading-edge treatments based on each patient’s unique situation and needs.

Dr. Cislowski’s mission is to provide state-of-the-heart care. He believes in giving each patient the attentive, leading-edge cardiology care they need in a comfortable Visalia office setting. He believes in seeing patients at their convenience, not his. And he believes in providing affordable health care to those who need it. That’s why virtually all of his exams and tests are covered by most insurance plans – and why he will find ways to help heart patients who cannot afford needed medications get them at no cost.

Everything Dr. C. and his staff does is designed to make dealing with cardiovascular disease less stressful, more comfortable and more understandable for you and your loved ones. So expect comprehensive, state-of-the-art, patient-centered heart care and efficient service – all delivered by David Cislowski, MD.

Dr. Cislowski offers his cardiology services to residents of Visalia, CA; Exeter, CA; Tulare, CA; Hanford, CA; and Porterville, CA in Tulare County, CA. Conditions he treats and medical therapies he provides include:

• Coronary artery diseases • Coronary angiography • Atherosclerosis & arteriosclerosis
• Cardiac catheterization • Electrocardiograms • Echocardiogram test • Stress echo and nuclear stress test
• Cardiac arrhythmia • Atrial fibrillation treatment • Treatment of high blood pressure • Heart attack in women
• Treatment for congestive heart failure • Cholesterol treatments • Varicose veins and spider veins

For leading-edge cardiology health care, get help from Dr. David Cislowski.

Call our office at 559.625.9902 or use our online form to Request an Appointment with Dr. Cislowski. Visit our Health Education Library for more information on any heart condition, treatment or procedure.