David J. Cislowski, MD

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Here’s What Some of Our Patients Have to Say…

“I was rushed to the hospital with a massive heart attack, and thanks to Dr. C. I made it through. His dedication to saving my life was more than I ever expected and more than I could ask for. He kept me alive in the ambulance during the 50-mile trip to the surgical hospital. Without his care, I don’t think I’d be here today.” ~ Bob, age 72

“I collapsed during an important business meeting. Dr. C. was with me in the ICU, urging the surgeon to perform an emergency bypass. The risk was 50% or more, but Dr. C. knew it was my only chance. And now that I’m on the Healthy Heart program, I know I’ll be here to watch my grandchildren grow up.” ~ Carol, age 56, with granddaughter, Maggie

"I have known Dr. David Cislowski for at least 10 years. This distinguished man has been attentive, caring and expert in his field of cardiology. It is probable that he saved my life more than once. He even made a house call to help me and ended up helping me with my computer as well. Dr. Cislowski has a wonderful sense of humor that I appreciate, and he cares about his patients in away that gives them a much-needed sense of security." ~ Verna B. 

“Dr. David Cislowski is a caring and sensitive physician dedicated to serving the unique needs of his patients. His professional mannerism imparts a feeling of confidence. His extensive array of cardiac testing equipment is impressive. Dr. Cislowski is a great asset to this community.” ~ Ruth D., Ph.D.

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