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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure

With so much focus on helping people who have already been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases and heart conditions, it’s often easy to overlook the best health strategy of them all: prevention! Even in cases where there’s a family history of heart conditions, Dr. Cislowski and his staff can help you prevent heart disease. And the keys to preventing heart disease are education and action:


  • Smart grocery shopping
  • Food label reading
  • Healthy restaurant choices
  • Eating right for your health
  • Eating to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Eating to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Healthy supplements


  • Smoking cessation
  • Finding the right exercise and fitness program
  • Reducing and controlling stress in your life
  • Eating to live healthy
  • Reducing and controlling your bodyweight and body fat
  • Controlling your blood pressure

An ounce of prevention really is worth a ton of cure. For example, many doctors recommend that adult males take one baby aspirin each day to help protect their hearts. The cost is pennies compared to a treatment procedure and hospitalization that might cost $50,000 or more. That’s another reason why prevention is so important to Dr. Cislowski. He wants to save you time, money and suffering.

Dr. Cislowski offers his cardiology services to residents of Visalia, CA; Exeter, CA; Tulare, CA; Hanford, CA; and Porterville, CA in Tulare County, CA. Conditions he treats and medical therapies he provides include:

• Coronary artery diseases • Coronary angiography • Atherosclerosis & arteriosclerosis
• Cardiac catheterization • Electrocardiograms • Echocardiogram test • Stress echo
• Nuclear stress test • Cardiac arrhythmia • Atrial fibrillation treatment
• Treatment of high blood pressure • Heart attack in women
• Treatment for congestive heart failure • Cholesterol treatments
• Varicose veins and spider veins

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